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NATO watch strap

Man in leather jacket sitting in cafe in Italy at sunset with chronograph and black Nato strap by vild Hamburg
Nato straps have become a popular trend modern watches developed. They are now available in many different colors and designs. In addition, they are extremely functional and quickly interchangeable. Some also prefer this type of watch strap because it largely prevents direct skin contact with the metals of the watch case. As the Perlon Straps they are made of nylon and thus pretty tough and at the same time skin-friendly.


The material of our Nato straps is perfect for heavier loads, such as sports or even swimming. The clasps and rings of each watch strap are made of polished stainless steel and look extremely high-quality, especially with darker colors or blue tones. The edges of the Nato watch strap are sealed with a laser, which effectively prevents individual yarns from coming loose. Our nylon watch straps are available in the modern colors blue, grey, black, beige, green or pink. As with traditional watch straps, they come in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. All 18 mm variants also fit our clock in a simple Bauhaus style.


The Nato bracelet has its origin indeed in military use, but does not come from the NATO of the same name. The extremely robust woven nylon easily withstands heavy loads without the risk of tearing out the spring bars with the drawstring. In addition, it does not reflect like a steel bracelet and is therefore much better suited for military use. For these reasons, among others, the watch strap was approved by the British Ministry of Defense in 1973 to the standard for watches for soldiers explained. The name Nato Band came later from the military coding of the bracelet. Today it gives your watch a popular vintage design. In the meantime there are also the very similar Zulu watch straps, which appear a bit coarser and have a thicker nylon strap. You can look at almost every model in our bracelet finder on different watches.