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Manufactory Apple Watch bracelets from Hamburg

Here you will find all our Apple Watch straps made of leather, suede, canvas or stainless steel. Each bracelet is assembled by us after your order and customized on request.

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Apple Watch 9 straps

The Apple Watch is now available in its seventh model version, the Series 7 with new features. Both a heart rate, an ECG and a blood oxygen measurement are possible with the smartwatch and on the largest retina display of the watch to date. With the Series 7, Apple has also slightly increased the size of the case.

We have extensively tested our Apple Watch bracelets with the different sizes and series of the watch. We make sure that each of our bracelets fits the latest series from Apple perfectly. The bracelets are also compatible with older versions. So you can also use it as an Apple Watch SE bracelet or for the Series 1 to 6.

bracelet sizes

We manufacture our bracelets for the 45 mm and for the 41 mm Apple Watch. We make sure that every 45 mm Apple Watch strap also fits the older 44 mm or 42 mm size exactly. This also applies to every bracelet in 41 mm, which is also made for the 40 mm and 38 mm case size.

Apple watch colors

With the Series 7, the case colors were slightly changed and renamed. As a guide, we have included the new colors in the selection on each product page. This makes it easier to find the right bracelet, for example for the Polarstern or Midnight variant. The silver or black of the adapters and clasps of our Apple Watch bracelets may differ slightly from the current or older colors. The color difference is kept small and underlines the finish of the smartwatch housing.

Apple watch strap types

Next to the Apple watch leather straps, we offer suede straps, canvas straps made of textile and Milanese straps made of stainless steel. Each of these types can be easily and quickly slid into the Apple Watch and changed using the same principle, just like conventional Apple Watch bracelets. As usual, you can change your style at any time and adapt your smartwatch to the upcoming situation.

While leather bracelets are suitable for everyday use, one should at Suede Apple Watch straps be more careful as they are a bit more delicate.