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Our top priority is your health and well-being as well as that of our colleagues. For safe protection, we conscientiously follow the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization) and the federal health department. We work tirelessly to ensure that the products you love are always available and delivered in the safest way possible.
Our webshop www.vild-shop.com is open for you and we keep our international delivery promise to ship within 5 – 6 working days.

What we do in particular to ensure that you and our staff are given the best possible protection:
– We follow the instructions of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the federal health department
– As a small team with pure e-commerce we are protected from many uncontrollable contact ways
– We pay attention to a particularly high level of hygiene, such as regular disinfection and the wearing of gloves in contact with products

Even though the current atmosphere may create uncertainty, we know that we can get through the situation quickly with a first-class team and a great customer community.

Take care and support each other,
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About our watches

What material are the watches made of?

Our watches are made of high-class stainless steel, cut sapphire glass and the straps are made of genuine leather. The case, dial and hands are all made of stainless steel. For this, the design and conception of individual elements was created in Hamburg.


How is the quality of the watches?

Each of the vild Moonphase watches is tested for maximum resilience, long life and precise timekeeping. During the design process, special attention was paid to the highest quality.

The case is secured to a water resistance of 5 ATM, which, for example, makes it possible to take a shower or bath without any problems. In addition, it is completely noise-insulated, so that a ticking sound cannot be heard even in the quietest moments.

The lunar calendar precisely reproduces a moon phase over 29.53 days, exactly as long as the moon passes through all phases.

The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant and withstands even the strongest stresses. Thanks to its crystalline structure, only diamonds are harder and water rolls off the surface without streaks.

What is special about the vild Moonphase?

The vild Moonphase watches combine an old tradition of timekeeping with the contemporary style of Bauhaus. The moon calendar finds its origin as a small complication in mechanical watches. It recalls the origin of our present-day calendar, which began with the measurement of the phases of the moon. It represents one of the most mythical objects in the history narrative – which has always held an important place in various cultures – the moon. Inspired by nature, the moon lies on a dark starry sky under domed sapphire glass in a particularly elegant composition.

Das schlichte und zugleich funktionale Design einzelner Elemente ermöglicht eine präzise Zeitmessung in zeitlos elegantem Stil. Lange Zeiger und klare Indizes lassen sich schnell erkennen. Eine kleine Krone und das flache Gehäuse runden dieses kompromisslose Design perfekt ab.


About our watch straps

What material are the straps made of?

Our leather watch straps are made of genuine leather and are handmade. We use only the best materials, such as Italian calfskin and suede. Nato and Perlon straps are made of nylon. All our wristbands are safe and skin-friendly.

Suede generally requires more care, which is why we have put together some tips and tricks for the care of your suede watch strap.

What is the quality of the straps?

Our watch straps are handmade and each one is checked by us before shipping. The watch straps are very well suited for the stresses of daily use. Both the nylon watch straps and our leather watch straps are water and dirt resistant to a certain degree.

Handmade watch bands cannot always be 100% alike, so there may be minor variations in detail that give the band character.

Care instructions for our leather watch straps

Vintage leather straps that consist of two layers and are not stitched immediately are somewhat more susceptible to liquids, such as water or sweat. Excessive contact with liquids can cause the layers to separate in the long run. In this case, they must be re-glued.

Watch straps made of leather


Superficial scratches or abrasion can be removed with a little colourless leather grease. Minor abrasion marks can also be removed by rubbing a finger lightly on the leather. Matt-coated leather is generally more susceptible to signs of wear and can darken slightly over time. This effect contributes to the vintage look and is intentional. Re-greasing leather keeps your bracelet supple and water resistant.

Special characteristics

When the leather strap is first bent, the colour of the leather may become lighter for a short time. This effect disappears again when the bracelet is worn. It can also be removed immediately by moistening. Leather is a natural product that becomes softer after the first few uses and thus adapts to the wrist.

Watch straps made of suede


Light-coloured suede is generally more susceptible to discolouration. Impregnating the visible surface with a colourless spray for suede prevents dirt particles or liquids from penetrating the leather permanently. Contact with a lot of water or other liquids should be avoided with suede.

Special characteristics

Suede wristbands have a rubber coating on the edges to protect the leather from liquids and fraying. Some suede wristbands may fluff a little at the beginning. This effect disappears after the first few uses, as this is purely excess suede. Lined suede wristbands are relatively thicker and stiffer. They become softer and smoother on the wrist after a short time.

To what extent do the product images correspond to the watch straps?

We match each product image to the actual colours of the straps so that the images are true to colour. If the colour calibration of your monitor is not standard, there may be slight deviations in individual cases. Thanks to the selected materials, the feel of our wristbands is very high quality.

Da die Armbänder von Hand gefertigt werden und Leder ein natürliches Material ist, gleicht sich nicht jedes Band zu 100%. Diese kleineren Unterschiede geben deinem Band einen ganz eigenen Charakter.

For which Apple Watch are the straps compatible?

All our Apple Watch straps are compatible with any Apple Watch version (Series 1 – 7). They are easy to slide in and are available in different colours and for both sizes of the Apple Watch.

What is special about Nato Straps?


Nato Straps made their big debut in 1973. Because of their extremely high resilience, the straps were appointed as the standard for soldiers by the British Ministry of Defence in that year. The extremely durable and waterproof nylon material used as a continuous strap makes it almost impossible to tear the watch off the wrist. Today, Nato straps are experiencing a revival in a wide variety of colours and designs. They are also very popular for an authentic vintage look.

What makes Nato straps special is that they consist of a continuous band and can be worn much more securely on the wrist. Direct skin contact with the watch case is thus largely avoided. In addition, they are intentionally kept a little longer so that, if desired, the end of the bracelet can be folded and pushed into the last ring (see photo).

You can find more tips and background information in our magazine on watches, watch straps and accessories.

About our pouches & watch rolls

What material are the accessories made of?

Our watch pouches and watch rolls are made by hand from high-quality leather. We place particular emphasis on a high-quality feel. The watch cases are made of soft leather with a matt vintage finish. Our watch rolls, on the other hand, are made of particularly robust and firm saddle leather.

The Waxed Canvas watch rolls are an exception. This is waxed canvas made of pure cotton. This material makes your watch case both water-repellent on the outside and particularly strong and stiff. When folding, white stripes may appear on the fabric, as this is where the wax breaks. This effect is perfectly normal and deliberate. It can be removed by lightly rubbing the surface of the canvas with a cloth.

What is the quality of the accessories like?

Each of our accessories is handmade and made to last. We pay the utmost attention to the use of materials such as leather, canvas and stainless steel. The watch cases and watch rolls are very well suited for the stresses of daily use.

Handmade accessories cannot always be 100% alike. There will always be variations in detail in the manufacturing and in the nature of the natural material.

Care instructions for our leather accessories

Superficial scratches or abrasions on leather can be removed with a little colourless leather grease. Smaller abrasion marks can also be removed by lightly rubbing a finger on the leather. Matt leather is generally more susceptible to signs of wear and can darken slightly over time. This effect contributes to the vintage look and is intentional. Re-greasing smooth leather keeps your accessory supple and water-repellent.

Bitte nutze keine Waschmittel und Tenside zum Reinigen unserer Accessoires, da sonst die natürliche Schutzschicht angegriffen wird und das Naturmaterial sehr schnell stumpf und abgenutzt wirken kann.

Are the pouches and watch rolls also suitable for the Apple Watch?

You can use both our cases and the watch rolls for your Apple Watch. The accessories are designed for wristwatches and are also suitable for smartwatches.

About our watch stands & holders

What material are the accessories made of?

Our watch holders and watch stands are made of leather, marble and wood. As natural products, they are therefore not completely alike. Each product is unique. Leather, marble and wood all have minor imperfections, which are perfectly normal and make your product a unique accessory.

Newly manufactured items may initially have odours, e.g. from care products. These odours are absolutely harmless and disappear after a short time. We produce smaller quantities, so your accessory will not be in our warehouse for long.

Care instructions for our stands and holders


Superficial scratches or abrasions on smooth leather can be removed with a little colourless leather grease. Minor abrasion marks can also be removed by lightly rubbing a finger on the leather. Matt leather is generally more susceptible to signs of wear and can darken slightly over time. This effect contributes to the vintage look and is intentional. Re-greasing smooth leather keeps your accessory supple and water-repellent.


Marble is a natural limestone that has been pressured into a crystalline structure inside the earth. This marbling can vary greatly, from very fine to coarse strands. As a limestone that has been under high pressure, marble also often has small air pockets. Thus, every marble base is unique. Marble is sensitive to acid, so it should not come into contact with strong cleaning agents or with other acidic substances (e.g. wine, vinegar, citrus fruits).


Wood is a natural product and usually has minor blemishes, such as inclusions, colour differences or slight deformations. We treat our wood so that it is water-repellent and light-resistant. Under prolonged or excessive exposure to moisture, UV radiation or extreme temperatures, wood can become deformed or discoloured. In normal use, it does not require any care.

Order and payment methods

How do I find the right strap size for my watch?

Band width (lug width)

The width determines whether the strap fits the watch. Between the two strap holders of the watch case, you can determine the band width (also called lug width) with a centimetre measure. Most watches have a band width between 18 and 22mm, with 20mm being the most common band width.
You can use our graphic to see exactly where the width is measured on the watch. In our online shop, we usually offer these three most common band widths for each strap.

Strap length

Our watch straps have a standard length that fits both men and most women. You can find the exact measurements of the watch strap on each product page. To be absolutely sure, you can measure your wrist circumference with a long piece of paper and a centimetre ruler.

How do I buy a strap with personalisation?

You will find the option for your personal embossing on the respective product pages of the watch straps. Unfortunately, embossing is not possible on suede and nylon straps.

You can choose a maximum of two capital letters or numbers for the embossing. Once you have entered your personalisation on the product page, you can place the selected strap in the shopping basket and check it out or continue shopping. Your desired personalisation will be automatically transmitted to us after check-out. The shipping time will not be extended by embossing the strap.

Please note that we have to exclude personalised watch straps from the 14-day right of return (see AGB §7 (1) ), as they can no longer be sold even in a new condition with the embossing.

How do I buy a watch strap for quick-release bars?

Nato and Perlon straps also fit without adjustment to quick-release bars. Some of our watch straps are already supplied with a quick-release bar. You can recognise these wristbands from the product picture, which shows the back of the wristband. There you can see the holes for the pins of the quick release bars.

How do I know if my current strap has quick release bars?

Under How do I buy a watch strap for quick-release bars? you will find a picture showing quick release bars in a watch strap. These spring bars require recesses in the leather so that the quick-change bars can be pressed together with the finders and thus the straps can be changed more quickly than with normal spring bars. In general, both normal spring bars and the quick-release bars fit on a wristwatch.

How can I change my order?

The quickest way is to send us a short email. If your order has not been shipped yet, we can change it for you.

Service contact e-mail: contact@vild-shop.com


What payment methods are offered?

We offer modern and secure payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, purchase by credit card, purchase on invoice and SOFORT bank transfer. Of course, you can also pay in advance by bank transfer. We do not charge any additional fees for the payment methods. During check-out, you can select your preferred payment method by clicking on it.

What to do if I have forgotten my password or username?

In the login window you can reset your password. You can restore access to your account using your email address.


What does shipping cost?


From an order value of 15 €, shipping within Germany is free of charge.
Under 15€ order value the shipping is 2,36 €.


International shipping is 2,55 € for straps and accessories. Larger deliveries, such as with watch stands or watches, cost €4.95 internationally.

The shipping costs are automatically displayed in the check-out area for your address and the selected items.

How long does the shipping take?

Within Germany, the shipping time is approx. 2 – 4 working days after we have received your order. International shipping takes approx. 4 – 6 working days.

To what countries are products shipped?

We ship to most EU countries, the US and Canada, with new countries being added all the time.


Which products can I return if I am not satisfied?

You can return your purchased product to us within 20 days after delivery of your order without giving any reason. It is sufficient to inform us of your wish to return the product by e-mail within this period. This right applies to all our customers, both in Germany and internationally. Please note that watch straps with your individual embossing are excluded from this, as they can usually no longer be sold.

How can I return my purchased product?

If you would like to return your product, please contact us by sending a short message to: contact@vild-shop.com. We will then provide you with all the details and arrange the return with you. It is sufficient to send us an e-mail within the 20-day return period.

Safety & Guarantee

How is my personal data used?

Your data will be kept safe with us and will not be passed on to unauthorised third parties or misused for advertising purposes. An exception to this is the newsletter, which you will only be sent if you have given us your prior consent and which you can then cancel at any time.

We only need your registration data for the smooth processing of the order, delivery and for any queries. Personal data will only be passed on to the relevant logistics or financial service providers in connection with delivery or payment using the latest encryption techniques. You can find all the details in our privacy policy.

What payment securities are available in the shop?

We always use the latest security standards for our online shop so that your data is safe with us. We always use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security standard for data transfers, which protects your personal data from access by unauthorised third parties at all times. This procedure is also used by our financial and logistics service providers.



What guarantee is given with the products?

All our products come with a one-year warranty.