How to change the strap on your Apple Watch

A whole new style for your Apple Watch

Change the style of your Apple Watch with a new strap. This way you can make your Watch an accessory that fits perfectly with your outfit. You are able wear our Apple Watch straps and bracelets on both the smartwatch and your classic watch. Find out how exactly this works.

Replacing the strap

Our leather straps simply slide into your Apple Watch and snap into place automatically and securely, just like traditional Apple Watch straps. So you can replace our bracelets within seconds with your current bracelet. Of course, you don’t need any additional tools for this.


Wearing an Apple Watch strap on a classic watch

As a special extra you can also remove the two stainless steel connectors of our Apple Watch straps as shown in the picture. The leather strap can then be worn on almost any classic watch. Please note that this is only possible for the connectors shown on our picture.

If you want to remove the aforementioned connectors of our strap, we recommend using a spring bar tool. With this handy tool you can also change the watch bands on conventional watches. Proceed as follows to remove the connector:

  1. Set the tool with the forked (not pointed) ending between leather strap and connector on any side.
  2. press the leather bracelet with the tool. The spring bar is pulled together (contracts) in the connector and detaches from the holder.
  3. The leather bracelet automatically detaches from the connector and can now be removed.
  4. Now you can slide the bracelet either with the existing or another spring bar into almost any conventional watch. Here we will show you how to easily change watch bands.


What is the width of the leather strap?

Our leather strap for an Apple Watch in 42mm has a width of 22mm.
The strap width for the Watch in 38mm is 20mm.