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Apple Watch Milanese Straps

In addition to the leather bracelets, we also offer stainless steel Milanese straps for the Apple Watch. This type of very elaborately crafted stainless steel bracelet has its origins in the middle of the 19th century. Today, Milanese bracelets have become a strong trend again, not only because they give watches a great vintage style, but also because they convey a striking elegance that is at the same time as robust as a steel link bracelet. Besides Milanese, the style of this stainless steel strap is often called mesh. This name is derived from the mesh fabric of the stainless steel, which makes the manufacture of the Apple Watch bracelet much more complex than comparable bracelets.

Special on the Apple Watch Milanese bracelet is the magnetic clasp. It allows the size of the wrist to be steplessly adjusted within a few seconds and quickly changed if, for example, it is to be worn a little tighter for sports. The magnetic clasp holds securely so that the bracelet can be worn for sports without problems. The contact between the clasp and the stainless steel of the bracelet is protected by a narrow rubber band, so that you don’t leave any scratches on the polished stainless steel when you move the clasp quickly. In addition, the fine mesh fabric keeps your wrist free to breathe at all times, so that there is no unpleasant feeling during sport.

Our Apple Watch Milanese straps fit any Apple Watch, be it series 1,2,3 or size 38mm or 42mm. They are available in the natural silver of polished stainless steel as well as in black PVD-coated stainless steel.