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Case Diameter: 43mm
Lug Width: 22mm

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About the Watch

The Breitling Navitimer was launched as an aviator watch in 1952. Its name was derived from the innovative mechanism that helped pilots look up complicated calculations for navigation on their watch. Breitling himself described its Navitimer in advertising as a personal instrument on board for the pilot. In the 1950s, the Navitimer made it possible to omit many different calculations with notes and pencil in the cockpit. Among other things, pilots were now able to multiply with the watch, calculate fuel consumption, convert nautical miles into land miles and calculate distances for ascending and landing. To this day, the same highly functional calculation function is an important feature of the watch. The Navitimer now has a movement developed and manufactured by Breitling. The diameter of the case is 43mm and it has a lug width for straps of 22mm size.

Today the Navitimer is one of the best-known and most popular pilot watches with a gain in value over time, even for second-hand models. The golden Breitling logo on the black dial matches the yellow-brown Guld-Brown Vintage leather strap perfectly. Also the Sand-Beige suede watch strap is like made for the Navitimer. Those who like it a bit simpler can combine our Juvel-Black Nato leather strap with the black dial of the watch.

How to Change your Strap

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