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Case Diameter: 40mm
Lug Width: 20mm

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About the Watch

As the first watch from Rolex to display two time zones simultaneously, the GMT Master was shipped for the first time in 1954. The development of the watch was based on a request from Pan American Airlines management in 1953, when the airline was originally looking for a watch for its pilots that would simultaneously display both the local time of arrival and the time of departure. Based on the basic ideas of Hans Wilsdorf the first GMT-Master was developed one year later. Today the watch is still almost identical in design. The second time zone is indicated by an additional hour hand. At that time, the time zone could be set in conjunction with the bezel. The first models of the watch were delivered with a plastic bezel to avoid reflections in the cockpit. However, the material did not withstand the high forces in the cockpit and was quickly replaced with a steel bezel. Today, the earliest and most rare models are therefore very popular with collectors. Pan American Airlines designated the GMT-Master as its official watch and equipped its ground crew with the white dial model and its aircraft crew with black dial watches. Today’s GMT-Master II also displays the second time zone via the additional hour hand, which is now separately adjustable via the crown. The housing diameter is 40mm with a lug width of 20mm.

In combination with the legendary Pepsi design of the case, a blue or red-brown leather strap, such as the Vild-Brown Nato strap, can be used perfectly. The black dial also goes perfectly with the Fin-Black watch strap, which brings an elegant vintage style to the almost unchanged design from 1954.

How to Change your Strap

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