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Case Diameter: 41mm
Lug Width: 20mm

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About the Watch

The Carrera is a chronograph series introduced by Tag Heuer in 1963 / 1964 that has achieved an extremely high level of worldwide popularity. The name Carrera is inspired by the legendary Carrera Panamericana Rally. The first model, the Carrera 12, cost 420 Deutschmarks in the 1960s. In 2010, the Carrera Calibre 1887 gave the watch a new mechanical movement and a new look. The name 1887 recalls the year in which the company founder Edouard Heuer obtained the patent for an important mechanism of his movement. By now, a new model of the Tag Heuer Carrera costs over 4,000 Euros. The purist design of the original model from 1964 without any scales is in high demand today. The Calibre 1887 now has a tachymeter for measuring velocity at the border of the black dial. The model has a case diameter of 41mm and a lug width of 20mm.

The silver case made of polished stainless steel in combination with the black dial fits perfectly to a grey leather strap, such as our Steel-Grey suede watch strap. A simple dark blue strap, such as the Flotta-Blue Perlon strap, also gives the watch a particularly elegant appearance.

How to Change your Strap

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