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Your strap on a Tudor Heritage Black Bay.

Case Diameter: 41mm
Lug Width: 22mm

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About the Watch

In 2012 the diving watch Black Bay was introduced by Tudor. With the successful introduction of this model, Tudor celebrated a tradition of 60 years of manufacturing and selling diving watches. In the Black Bay, striking features of past models were incorporated and combined. For example, the outstanding crown of a well-known model from 1958 can be found in today’s Black Bay. The so-called Snowflake hands of models from the 1970s are also part of the watch again. At that time they were used for the first time in diving watches for the French Navy. Since 2016, the Tudor Black Bay has been available for the first time with a mechanical movement manufactured by Tudor. The case is 41mm in diameter and has a lug width of 22mm, which also determines the width of its straps.

The beige luminous mass on the indices of the Black Bay with red bezel is designed to give the watch the look of an old vintage watch. In combination with one of our vintage watch straps you can make the style of this Tudor perfect. On the other hand, the silver hands and the black dial of the blue version go perfectly with the silver stainless steel rings of the Juvel-Black leather Nato strap. With the Stål-Grey suede strap, the cool blue of the Tudor Black Bay also looks extremely elegant. With our straps you make your watch an ultimate highlight.

How to Change your Strap

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