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    Leather Watch Pouch 2x Brown

    Our brown watch pouch is made of matte calf leather that has a great vintage style. It has slots for two watches and is stiffened and padded on both sides. This way you can transport and store your watches with maximum protection. We do not use magnetic components, so our watch case is ideal for delicate mechanical watches.

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vild symbol accessories made from sustainable materials

Sustainable product materials

Our products are made from natural materials such as leather, marble and wood.

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As a small team, we enjoy direct contact with you and are happy to help.

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Shipping from Hamburg Germany

We ship all our products from Hamburg, Germany to you internationally.

Watches, Watch Straps and Accessories for your watch

Our shop offers a specially selected assortment of modern design inspired by the traditional craft of unique accessories. Each of our products has been designed for a long life and in a limited number. Because it is not the mass that makes a product special, but its uniqueness and individuality. That’s why leather craftsmanship and the personalisation of your watch straps are extremely important to us. At the same time we know that high quality has its price and that it needs to remain affordable. Whether watches with moon phase, watch straps, leather pouches for watches or accessories, each product was designed and tested by us. We make sure that our watch straps fit almost every watch model. This applies not only to luxury watches or collector’s watches, such as those from Rolex, Nomos, Omega, Tudor or Junghans, but also to stylish fashion watches. We know that a watch is much more than just a timepiece. It expresses elegance, style or sportiness and lifestyle. Since the beginning of 1500, there have been the first pocket-sized watches. A wrist watch has always been an object of desire, expression and enthusiasm. Exactly according to these values we have developed our vild Moonphase watch in Bauhaus style in Hamburg, Germany.