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Watch stands, watch holders and leather accessories

Marble watch stand

Our watch stands have a solid marble base that provides the absolutely secure hold your wristwatch needs. The marble has been polished down to the smallest detail and has the shape of a hexagon with six corners and edges. The leather cushion is made of soft cowhide and was attached at a slight angle. So your wristwatch is safe and at the same time very visible on the watch stand. Whether with a leather strap or a metal bracelet, your watch cannot be distinguished from ours Marble watch stand slide. The high-quality design with black or white marble goes perfectly with luxury watches such as Omega, Rolex, Breitling or IWC. Since our watch stands have no sharp edges and do not require any magnets, they are perfectly suited for mechanical watches. So you can put your watch away stylishly and safely in between or to sleep. The Black marble watch stand goes well with watches with a black dial, for example.

Wooden watch holder

Our watch holders are made of solid wood in the color dark brown or light brown. The inside and the cushion of the watch holder are lined with soft suede. So your watch lies perfectly safe on the protective cushion. Thanks to the velour-covered base, the metal bracelet of your watch is also protected from scratches during storage. The Wooden watch holder are designed for either one or two wristwatches. You can also easily combine them and place several holders next to each other. The particularly soft suede leather is available in gray and a light cream color. Thanks to the simple style, the watch holder does not distract from your watch and at the same time fits perfectly into modern interiors, such as the Scandinavian style. Our Wooden watch holder in grey goes well with watches with a dark dial or bezel, for example.

Leather watch case

We offer Watch pouches and Waxed Canvas Watch Rolls Handcrafted from the finest materials. Finding the right case for your watch or several watches is not always easy. Either that fits watch case not in size or parts of the material can scratch the watch or even charge it magnetically. Magnetic clasps are therefore not an option, especially for mechanical watches. Sooner or later they would magnetically charge parts of the clockwork and thus significantly affect the precision, up to the point of damaging sensitive small parts. Metal parts on the clasp can also quickly cause scratches if the watch is carelessly pushed into the pocket. For these reasons, we make our watch roll and watch case from natural soft genuine leather and waxed canvas. The length of the case is 12 - 13 cm, it is almost 6 cm wide and almost 2 cm high, so that each of your watches can easily be accommodated there and at the same time lie firmly and securely. The articles in brown or gray have a timeless design that goes well with a simple watch in black, silver or gold fits.

Waxed canvas & leather watch rolls

Waxed Canvas consists of a strong fabric that has been additionally treated with wax to make it even stronger and more resistant. The material was originally used for sails because it is extremely tear-resistant and, thanks to the wax, it does not become saturated with water. Today it is very popular not only because of these properties. Waxed canvas has a very high-quality feel, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially for bags. Our Watch Roll can also be used ideally for storing your watch instead of a watch box or watch case.

In our Waxed canvas watch roll up to four watches can be transported or stored. Alternatively, the various compartments can be used for interchangeable bracelets or tools, for example. For a very special feel and luxurious storage, we recommend the leather watch roll. The strong saddle leather immediately catches the eye, feels simply great and at the same time protects your wristwatches when travelling. Since the watch cases are ideal for all conventional watches and Apple Watches, they also make a very suitable gift, for example for your partner. The shipping of our items is free and uncomplicated, so that you have your delivery at home on time.

Wooden Tray

We have designed wooden trays with soft velvet velor for quick and decorative storage of your bag contents. The tray or pocket emptier can simply be placed in the hallway or on a sideboard, for example. You can put your watch, jewelery or even your smartphone there without hesitation, without scratching the textile velor.