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watch straps of metal

All our metal watch straps are made of pure stainless steel and are rustproof. Because of the mesh design, they are also called Milanese bracelets. The individual metal strands are intertwined in order to obtain a particularly robust and at the same time fine pattern.


We offer the Milanese watch strap in three different colors. The gold and rose gold metal bracelets are coated with a particularly durable alloy. The color easily withstands the stresses of everyday life and you can also wear it for sports. A clear difference to leather watch straps. Each of our metal watch straps is available in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm sizes. Each of the variants also has quick-change days so that you can change the stainless steel bracelet on your watch quickly and easily.

Shorten the Milanese bracelet

The bracelet can be shortened or lengthened quickly and easily without the need for a special tool. On the back of the folding clasp you can simply loosen the clasp to change the length and adjust it to a new position almost steplessly. To open the clasp of the Milanese bracelet, simply lever up the folding mechanism on the back of the clasp with a pointed object. After changing the position of the clasp on the bracelet, all you have to do is snap the folding mechanism back into place.