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Watch Stand Marble & Leather

Our watch stands consist of a solid marble base, a stainless steel rod and a leather covered cushion. We cut the marble in one octagon shape, a regular octagon. Since ancient times, the octagon has symbolized perfection. Octagonal buildings are still designed today, such as ecclesiastical sacred buildings.

On the leather cushion you can put your watch down quickly and easily without worrying about scratches. Thanks to the solid marble base, the leather watch stand stands securely and absolutely firmly. So you can quickly put your watch back on your wrist and don't have to deal with opening and removing the cushion from a watch box every time. Alternatively, your watches can be protected from dust and UV light, for example in our Leather watch rolls store.

The underside of the marble is covered with a layer of velor and protects the surface from scratches and scratches. You can place our marble watch holder on a chest of drawers, a side table, your bedside table or in the bathroom, for example. Thanks to the high-quality design, the marble watch stand is not only functional, but also beautiful decorative element. As an alternative we offer Wooden Watch Holderthat can be combined with each other in different colors.

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