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Wooden Watch Holder

With our solid wood watch holder you get a simple and at the same time stylish way to store your wristwatches. The pillow is made with soft textile - a velvety fabric - overdrawn. It can be removed from the wooden mold quickly and easily and adapts perfectly to the bracelet size of your watch. So that your metal bracelet is also protected from scratches, the inner part of the watch holder is also covered with our velvety textile. You can also find this upholstery on ours Wooden Tray.

Wooden watch holder in oak and gray vild HamburgNeon sign Enter vild

Watch holder to combine

All our wooden watch holders are made in a uniform height and length, so that you can combine them perfectly with each other. So you are not limited to a certain number of watches, but you can also combine 2 watches in the same color for several wristwatches, for example. Different colors can also be combined very stylishly.


Of course you can set up our wooden watch stands almost anywhere, such as on a sideboard, the bedside table, on the shelf or on the desk. Are you looking for a way to keep a special watch prominently visible? Then ours marble watch stand maybe the right choice for you.

The cushions of the wooden watch stands are suitable for all common watch sizes, both for women's and men's watches. They are excellently suited, for example, as Rolex watch holders.

Wood is a natural material that should not be exposed to moisture in the long term. Both the textile and the solid wood of the watch stand are UV resistant. If they are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the colors can slowly fade. That's not too bad and sometimes even a desired vintage effect that is achieved on purpose.