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Wooden tray | pocket emptyer & jewelry tray

We not only have our wooden trays with a soft storage surface as a decorative element, but also as a functional one tray or pocket emptier designed. They have three compartments of the same size, each almost 8 cm wide, which also fits the latest iPhone. The tray is made of solid wood in oak or blackened in a vintage style.

Pocket emptyer or jewelry tray

The base of our wooden trays is covered with a velvety textile velour, which perfectly protects your accessories from any scratches. So you can carelessly put your watch, your jewellery, your keys or your mobile phone on our pocket emptier when you are in a hurry. You can also find this upholstery in ours watch holders. As the name suggests, you will find enough space here to quickly empty your pockets. For example, one of the three compartments can be used as a key tray, one to store your mobile phone and one to store your jewelry or wallet.

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you can our Wooden Tray perfect to use as a pocket emptier on a side table in the hallway, as a tray on a sideboard or as a jewelry tray in the bedroom. The base of the tray is covered with a protective layer so that your piece of furniture cannot be scratched. In addition, the solid wood of the tray has a sufficiently high dead weight so that it does not slip quickly. Since wood is a natural product, we do not recommend exposing it to moisture over the long term.