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Leather Watch Pouch

With our leather watch case 1 watch or 2 watches you can store or transport one or two of your wristwatches stylishly and safely. For more than 2 watches we recommend you take a look at ours watch rolls to throw. Each pouch is handcrafted from soft leather and stitched. We do not use any magnetic components, so you can keep mechanical watches absolutely safe. So it is ideal as a watch travel case. The padded inlet of the watch case for 2 watches consists of soft velour, a velvety textile fabric. Scratches and bumps are no longer an issue for your watches.

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Each of our watch cases is designed to store watches with a case diameter of up to 50 mm. We make sure that housings with a diameter of only 36 mm, for example, sit firmly and securely. Both leather strap watches and watches with metal bracelets such as Rolex fit perfectly into the watch case. The 2-piece leather case can also be used very well with just one wristwatch. The second watch slot can be used for an interchangeable bracelet or simply remain free. Maybe the purchase of another wristwatch will be on the agenda soon anyway.


You can use our cases to store and transport your watches as a travel case. Each 1 watch case comes with a leather patch to protect the back of the watch case from scratches from the metal bracelet. In the cases for 2 watches, on the other hand, they are secured with a strap so that they do not slip. Each is made of genuine leather, with a nice feel. You can wipe the leather with a damp cloth to remove minor scratches or dirt. For pure storage of your wristwatches, we recommend taking a look at our category watch holder to throw.