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Leather & canvas watch rolls

Here you will find our leather watch rolls for 3 watches. You can choose between two types of roles. The canvas watch roll is made of water-resistant strong fabric that is waxed before manufacture. It is slightly lighter and more flexible than our leather watch roll. For the genuine leather watch roll, we use particularly high-quality saddle leather, which has a unique feel.

Canvas watch roll

For our canvas watch rolls for 4 watches we use waxed canvas (also called canvas), leather and textile. The inlet is made entirely of soft textile material, so your watch stays scratch-free at all times. In the four compartments you can store any watch, whether with a leather or metal bracelet, safely and appropriately. Of course, you don't need to use every compartment for a watch, but you can also transport interchangeable bracelets or other accessories in the compartment.

The roll can be tied up with the leather strap. Our canvas watch rolls offer a light and at the same time safe transport or storage option for your wristwatches. By the way, ours are suitable for transporting one or two watches leather watch cases terrific. For pure storage, however, we offer watch stand at.

Leather watch roll made of dark brown and gray saddle leather

Leather watch rolls

Our leather watch rolls are made by hand from particularly strong and high-quality saddle leather. You can immediately feel the difference to other types of leather, not just by looking at it, but also by the way it feels. The strong cowhide is sewn all around and sealed for the highest demands. Inside the roll you will find extraordinarily soft textile material that perfectly protects both the case and the bracelet of your watch from scratches. Our high-quality watch roll is excellent for mechanical luxury watches, e.g. as a Rolex watch roll.

We intentionally kept the watch roll 3 watches simple with no compartments inside. So you can flexibly decide how many watches should have space there. Whether one, 2, 3 or even 4 watches, the leather watch roll never looks incomplete. After all, who likes the feeling that a watch is missing or that one of your watches no longer has a compartment.