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vild Hamburg

At vild, we pay particular attention to high quality, sustainability and what our customers want. We let ourselves be inspired by nature, because it sets the standard for sustainability and quality. The timeless style of our products is very important to us, because a watch is much more than just a timepiece. It has conveyed style, elegance and passion for five centuries now. We combine such a far-reaching tradition with timeless design in our Watches with a lunar calendar.


The quality of our products is important to us, because you should enjoy your watch and bracelet for a long time. We wear our products every day with the highest demands on their functionality and resilience. The manual work and limited edition is an elementary building block, because it makes each product a special one-off.


In today's consumer society, we don't want to create unnecessary burdens on our environment. So we make sure to omit superfluous components. Packaging and inserts are made from recycled material, We send invoices digitally, We avoid plastic both in our products and in the packaging.

Timeless design

With our timeless, minimalist design, we give you an incomparably elegant style. At the same time, we know that good things should be made your own. That's why it's so important to us to give you a particularly high level of Personalization and individuality to offer. Each watch has its own serial number engraved on the case.

The founding team

We as the founding team brought the brand vild (Swedish for wild) to life with our uncompromising passion and passion for watches. The connection to nature and the enthusiasm for the far-reaching tradition of timekeeping led us to the high-quality and sustainable concept of our products. We want to create something that has permanence and that you can make your own. Something that internalizes traditional values and still inspires decades to come.



Our location

We are located north of the Outer Alster in Hamburg. The proximity to the Alster gives us wonderful access to nature and that in the middle of one of the largest cities in Germany. It is not for nothing that Hamburg stands out alongside Stockholm as the green capital of Europe.

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