Proper care of suede bracelets

Proper care for suede bracelets
19.08.2018 vild
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Wimitation leather or suede leather is usually more sensitive than smooth leather, so you can find out from us how to take care of your Suede watch strap protects against dirt and wear for longer.

Whether watch strap, shoes or belt, an accessory made of suede looks particularly high-quality and at the same time feels exceptionally soft on the skin. However, light-colored suede in particular is also more susceptible to external influences, such as dirt particles and liquids. It therefore makes perfect sense to treat the surface of the bracelet or accessory with a suitable waterproofing spray before wearing it for the first time. Not only does liquid roll off, but there is also an invisible protective barrier against other dirt.

With the waterproofing spray for suede you should pay attention to the following points:

  • It should be transparent so that the spray is suitable for all colors
  • The spray should be aimed at suede so the rough surface doesn't stick

The impregnation can be repeated as often as you like, depending on the stress, because no protective layer lasts forever.


Care for suede straps if the watch strap has been damaged

Whether it's a boisterous celebration or an excursion into nature, the suede can quickly be exposed to a little more stress and may dull slightly or lose color intensity.

In such cases, the best way to lightly roughen the surface of the bracelet is with a soft suede brush. Such brushes are used, for example, for cleaning suede shoes. With a lot of care, you can also use a conventional brush that is as soft as possible to gently roughen the suede. This usually helps to remove dried dirt particles from the leather.

In more stubborn cases, a leather cleaner that is either specially designed for suede or for all types of leather will help. In most cases, such cleaners are designed for shoes, but can of course also be used for your bracelet. In some cases, they already have a brush to work in the cleaning liquid when roughening. We recommend that you remove the strap from your watch before cleaning it. It also makes sense to test the cleaning agent on a small spot on the inside of the bracelet for color fastness.

Unless otherwise recommended, you can gently rub off the cleaning agent with a damp cloth afterwards. This minimizes the risk of water marks forming under certain circumstances. After most of the leather cleaner has been removed and the suede is dry again, you should definitely waterproof the bracelet again. We recommend that you carefully roughen the surface beforehand so that the result is even better.


A fresh stain on the suede and it has to be done quickly, without a special cleaner?

You've probably heard it before: fresh stains are most effectively treated immediately, without giving the stain time to soak in and dry. Since the right leather cleaner is often not available at short notice in such exceptional cases, we have put together a few well-known tips with which you can quickly and easily combat the new stain on your bracelet.

  • Dry shampoo is excellent at absorbing grease and is color-neutral in most cases. After the stain has been sprayed with the spray, the dry shampoo can easily be gently brushed out.
  • Sprinkle either baby powder or potato flour on the grease stain and leave to work for some time. The flour or the poodle can then be carefully brushed off.
  • So-called dirt erasers also help to remove stains that have already dried on suede.