gift ideas

gift ideas
23.10.2020 vild
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Finding the right gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a day-long headache, be it a Christmas present or a birthday present. We have selected a few ideas for you from our products, with which you will not only make your partner have a great day, but also make them happy in the long run.

Personalized gifts

What could be nicer than preparing a very personal gift? This is how you give your partner or friend something that no one else has. A personalized gift has not only a material value, but also the all-important ideal value. You associate a more intense feeling and connection with the item dedicated specifically for yourself. And of course that applies to both men and women.

You will find us Leather watch straps, which you can easily customize with your partner's initials or a year. The person you want to make happy doesn't wear a conventional wristwatch but has a smartwatch? Our Apple Watch Straps made of leather fit every Apple Watch variant and can also be embossed according to your ideas. Here you will find a few leather bracelets from our range as a gift idea, which you can have personalized embossing.

Leather bracelets

Christmas Gifts & Birthday Gifts

Are you looking for an emotional gift for a bigger occasion, such as Christmas or a birthday? That's why we have a few gift ideas for you. Not only our bracelets can be engraved and made into a very personal gift. Does your girlfriend, boyfriend or the person to be gifted have a watch? Then simply let us personalize a watch case made of leather. The case also makes a great Valentine's Day gift.

It should be something unusual or unusual? We also have a gift idea for you. Our marble watch stands are particularly suitable as a gift for men who have a penchant for wristwatches. Such an accessory is not only used every day, it is also a particularly stylish and high-quality decoration for the facility. Here you can find some of our marble watch stands.

Accessories for clocks

Exceptional watch as a gift

You give your partner a very special gift with an extraordinary watch. Our Moon phase Watches is exactly that, it not only measures the time in an extremely stylish way, but also shows the current status of the moon phase. That means you always know whether it is full moon, new moon or half moon. A moon phase lasts almost 30 days and was used as a unit of measurement for months long before our modern calendars. This sets this watch apart from any other standard watch. Thanks to its size of 38 mm, it is perfect as a gift for both men and women.