Find the right watch storage

Find the right watch storage
14.06.2022 vild
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What storage do I need for my watch?

From watch cases to watch holders and trays to watch rolls, there is now a diverse selection of travel or storage options for one or more wristwatches. We've looked at the current types to give you a guide to proper watch storage. Of course, your own taste often plays a decisive role when it comes to deciding between a case or a watch roll, for example. Nevertheless, each type of watch storage has individual advantages and disadvantages that make it particularly suitable for a specific application.

In that regard, we have four areas of application differentiated and allocated to watch cases, watch rolls, watch stands, trays and watch holders. Regardless of taste, you can find the most suitable type of storage.

The following buttons will take you to our recommendations, depending on the type of application you are looking for. Would you rather pack your watch securely for transport and travel? Are you looking for a safe and long-term storage option? Do you want to show off your watch in style? Or should it be a quick way to store the watch for the night and in between? We address these four different needs below.

For traveling | watch cases

Are you looking for a secure case or case for your wristwatch for transport or travel? Taking more than one watch with you when traveling is not uncommon and can make perfect sense. After all, who would wear their dress watch to the beach and bathing? At the same time, the rather coarse Diver's Watch doesn't necessarily go with an upscale going-out outfit or in a business meeting on business trips.

What should you consider when choosing a travel case for your watch? Three points are particularly important here:

  1. The case should not too bulky be. A large watch roll would take up unnecessary space in your luggage. A watch case for one or two watches is an excellent size for travel.
  2. Watch out for one external protection against scratches and ideally from bumps. It is almost impossible to prevent your luggage from being shaken and hit when you travel. If your watch scratches metal buttons, zippers or similar, this is very annoying and can be avoided with a leather case. If the watch is then fixed in a padded leather case, you have strong protection against external influences.
  3. Make sure your travel case no magnetic closures and that you transport it at a sufficient distance from other magnets. This applies to mechanical watches, which usually only have limited shielding from magnetic fields.

For safe storage | watch rolls

Are you looking for a safe and long-term way to store your wristwatches at home? For this type of application, it makes sense to focus on other points than you would with a travel case, for example. We emphasize the following three points, which may also be important for you:

  1. plan one sufficient number of slots for your watches when it comes to long-term storage. Initially empty slots in a watch roll can be used for interchangeable bracelets, for example. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that a newly purchased watch has no more space and a new case or a new roll is necessary.
  2. It makes perfect sense to protect quality wristwatches not only from scratches but also to be stored away from UV radiation. Over time, sunlight will corrode the case and dial, especially the indices. This can create a nice vintage effect, but it also reduces the lifetime. This point is given for watch cases and watch rolls.
  3. The stronger the Protection against other external influences, such as humidity, heat and dust, the better. If you don't wear your watches for a long time, protect them as much as possible.

To present | Watch Stand & Watch Holder

Why not show off your watch while you're not wearing it? This type of storage makes sense, especially if you only put them down temporarily or switch between your watches often. Here, watch stands, watch holders or even watch twisters offer a stylish opportunity to display one or more wristwatches or simply put them away in plain sight. Thanks to a wide range, there are now accessories for every taste. Again, there are a few points to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure your watch is on a scratch-free material lies. The softer, the easier it is to avoid scratches on the case back, even if there is a larger speck of dust between the watch and the cushion.
  2. A soft pillow has the advantage that the individually adjusted bracelet size of your watch also fits. It also adjusts to a tight bracelet with no problem. This is important for watches with metal straps, which are not as easily adjustable as leather straps with holes.
  3. A secure footing and support with a solid base prevents your watch from wobbling on the watch stand and even accidentally falling.

For quick storage | Watch Stands & Trays

An often underestimated possibility is to quickly and briefly take off your watch. Whether it's washing your hands, showering, cooking, exercising or simply overnight - you often just want to take your watch off quickly and wear it again a short time later. It is precisely in such situations that the watch can get scratched or even fall. So why not use a simple and stylish way to safely store your piece of jewelry? A simple tray with a soft bottom can already be the ideal solution here. The watch stand is also perfect for storing the watch quickly and easily. Here are a few points to keep in mind for quick filing:

  1. Soft material on cushions or the floor prevent scratches on the case of your watch.
  2. The dropping should as little interaction as possible with the accessory require. At some point, taking the watch off will become too time-consuming and you will no longer use it.
  3. A secure hold is particularly important here, since quick actions are often less careful.