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These bracelets are similar to the more popular one NATO strap. An unmistakable difference is the braided material, which not only gives the watch straps their very own style, but also has a very practical advantage. With the pin buckle made of stainless steel, you can easily poke through the material and adjust the sizes steplessly without damaging the material and without having to drill holes in the watch strap for the buckle. One could guess that the Perlon nylon bracelets have only existed for a few years and are part of a new trend. However, this type of bracelet has been around since the 1960s. Thanks to their high-quality appearance and high functionality, watch straps are extremely popular again today. Both the blue and gray models go well with watches with black elements, like ours Wrist watch with black dial.

Our Perlon watch strap is available in different strap widths and currently in the colors dark blue and light grey. This watch strap also has a special property because it is closed 100% water repellent. For this reason, one reads or hears the term sports bracelet or sailor bracelet in connection with the Perlon watch bracelet from time to time. In our Bracelet finder you can see our watch straps on watches from different brands.