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Leather watch strap

Both our leather watch strap and that Suede watch strap is made by hand. Inspired by old vintage watches, our strap's design is kept to a minimum that puts your watch in the spotlight. In a uniquely elegant look, our watch straps have been provided with the classically simple yarn on the sides and at the end. This gives your ladies' or men's watch a uniquely modern look. You can also find the classic design with a continuous seam and contrasting seam in our shop. The classic style is generally a bit more robust, as the continuous tail keeps both layers of leather together even under heavy loads. Each bracelet is of course made of real leather.

Man in cafe in summer wearing PLAIN black leather watch strap by vild HamburgWoman sitting in cafe and wearing wristwatch with summery turquoise leather strap by vild Hamburg


Our leather watch straps are available in two different versions. The calf or cowhide is smooth and has a slight shine. The matt leather bracelet, on the other hand, has a particularly high-quality style.

vild vintage leather strap for wristwatches in production

Each bracelet is available in the usual widths watch strap 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. The colors available range from brown, black, grey, red to green to blue. In the bracelet finder you can view most of our bracelets on different watches, including our moon phase watch. To find the right watch strap, all you need to do is measure the lug width of your watch with a ruler. In most cases, a 20mm or 22mm watch strap will fit. For slightly smaller watches, 18mm fits. If you are looking for a bracelet that is also suitable for sports activities, then we recommend one NATO strap made of water-repellent nylon material.


In our shop you can also buy most vild watch leather straps with your own embossing let provided. For example, we engrave the first letters of your name or a number in the leather. You can find the option on the respective product pages, so that you can order the bracelet directly with the desired letters or numbers without having to write to us separately. The watch straps are shipped immediately after personalization, so the delivery time is not extended. A bracelet with initials or a specific year represents a very nice Gift for the partner and should of course not arrive too late. Each of our leather bracelets is suitable for both men and women.