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Selected straps for the Apple Watch in black

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Leather straps for the Apple Watch in black

This selection of straps made by us fits the Apple Watch 8 perfectly. Our leather and steel straps are also compatible with 100 % for the previous versions of the black Apple Watch. Since the beginning of the smartwatch, Apple has relied on a simple, modern design reminiscent of its bestseller – the iPhone. The front of the watch consists almost entirely of the touch display. Only the black crown on the right side of the case catches the eye and was designed a little wider for haptic functionality and is therefore more tangible.

Matching the modern design of the black Apple Watch 8, we have made a selection of simple leather straps that harmonize with the look of the smartwatch. If you like it minimalist, you will find it with our Fin Black leather strap a very coherent combination completely in black. Also that something classic Sten-Black leather strap looks very high quality on the Apple Watch in black. Depending on what accessories or colors you usually wear, that looks too Kopparmynt Brown bracelet uniquely high quality. In addition to the conventional smooth leather, you will also find suede straps for your Apple Watch with us. Unfortunately, leather straps are not suitable for sports, but they can be quickly and easily exchanged with your sports band, just like any other Apple Watch band.

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